An introduction to Kolej MARA Seremban


Kolej MARA Seremban. Now I bet you never heard of that name until after you’re looking into applying colleges. To be honest, it was the same for almost all of my friends.We were familiar only with Kolej MARA Banting (weirdly.)

I’ll just jump right in. You have two buildings; one is the academics and the other is the hostel.

At the Academic Block, you will have two halls ; Dewan Razak(DR) and Dewan Tun Hussein Onn(DTHO). DTHO is the bigger hall. There is a cafe, a library, Lecture Theathre 1 and the labs.

For hostel, you will have four blocks. Two for girls and two for boys. Three person per room but if you’re lucky it’s two person per room. You also have pantry for every floor. The surau is located much nearer for the boys.  There is also a volley court around there. The dining hall or more well known to be called as ds is wide and could fit everyone, no worries there. There are also classes on top. Normally it’s for Year One students, when you’re in Year Two, your classes would be at the Blok Akademik (BA). There’s also the gym and also Mimpo (meeting room for SRC members)

The ds is very good btw! And the makcik ds there are also friendly people he he he. The surau, we have tazkirahs,usrahs and programmes here and there. Good food for the body and mind he he he. Okay I’m starting to babble. The sport facilities could use a few tunings but you got the spot and equipments. Oh yeah there’s also Lahuma! It opens at night just in case you missed dinner or are just plain hungry. There’s nasi lemak and even burger. Affordable prices too. Fast food deliveries also can come.

There was once a whole house dedicated as a Gym and also a hangout place, but there wasn’t enough fund to keep that going so the Gym is moved into one of the Wispi.

The attire is formal, hence you have to wear dark shoes and baju kurung and baju kemeja and whatnot. On Wednesdays you get to wear your batch’s shirt while on Fridays you can wear Jubah. The admins of the college aren’t very strict on your appearance, although the student bodies would surely remind you from time to time. It’s not a surprise if there was a spotcheck randomly.

Classes go from morning until the evening with breaks inbetween. Sometimes there would be University Talks or even UniFairs.

You can go out everyday but there is a time limit;

Weekdays- 5 -7 p.m

Weekends- until 9 p.m

If you have to go out earlier, you have to tell the HAP or HEP, and if you’re running late, you have to tell the Felo. They aren’t really strict but don’t push it.

Transport around KMS is pretty good. You have the taxis, ubers,ktms and buses.  Uber is already popular in Seremban so getting a ride won’t be troubling and we are also near the Terminal One. There’s many malls here and good food, so you don’t have to worry about places to release your stress. There’s mamak just behind the kolej and kedai makan melayu down the road. There’s even penghulu cantik(pc) if you want some special weekend breakfast.

There’s no koku, but there are sports club that are complusory for every student to join. But it doesn’t really count, unless you’re an IB kid. We have Sports Carnival, in preparation for Kasukma. If you’re the sports type, yeah you can join that.

We have action week. It’s a derivative of Activity Week if you’re from MRSM. It’s an entire week with no class and just filled with fun. This week is handled purely by students, so if you’re looking to plan The Week, make sure you join the Student’s Representative Council!

Which reminds me, bodies that are present in the college :

SRC- as what the acronyms stand for; Students Representative Council

IBSB- student body for ib

ALSB- student body for a levels

IPI- in other words, badar

FOL – the librarians, you handle it at night

KOOPPEOPLE – literally the people that handle the koop at nights as in the cashier youknow

KALEI – The people that handle the magazine

I don’t think the processes are that important… And also I’m very lazy. I’ll answer questions regarding them if you ask. But I won’t elaborate much.

The lecturers here are very kind and warm, probably it’s because we are only a small number but they are always ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s a nice pre u. Some would say that this makes us less independent but I very much like KMS the way it is. I’m out of things to say. I don’t know if that covers all but meh. Just hit me up with questions on the comments below or you can tweet @isrckmseremban or . They’re good people, so don’t worry!

p.s// if you’re looking for textbooks, you can tell me so I can find some from seniors for a good bargains 🙂

p.s.s// sorry do if i sound so lame and uninterested… im distracted by something else(read: Suspicious Partners and games)



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