Cats, my heart.

A tragic yet laughable story today.

You cannot leave a dying cat then you can help it. You have money and you have time, meaning you have the power to help it. And my principle is, when you have the power to help someone, something, you help them. Being human, that’s what they all say. But when a cat is dying and you have classes, they were absolutely shocked when we chose to help the former.

Do they want our human instinct to fail at one point?

Yes. Some might argue that humans are naturally violent. But if you still have that part of you, keep it. Guard it with all your heart. Be a kid with a shameless love and heart bursting with care for everything around them. Do not look at the judging stares of the adults around you.

Things to keep in mind :

  1. When you do good, you will receive the good latter in your life.

“Which one would you pick? Your studies or your little cat?”

“With all due respect, I’d pick my human morale.”


p.s// it’s a draft that i have forgotten long. it’s about Qib. hope you’re doing well out there